Friday, July 28, 2017

What's Your Biggest Regret?

What is your biggest regret?  It may not be something you did . . .

Maybe you haven't seen this short video - if you haven't give it a look, and be sure to wait for the bit at the very end, which is lovely and inspiring.

Food for thought . . .


  1. So very touching, brought tears to my's making me think. Thank you for sharing this Kate.

  2. Good video. My biggest regret is wasting my youth on things that kept me from following my real passion in life- horses and art.

  3. Sometimes I regret not following a different career path; but this career has given me the ability to pursue so many of my other dreams that maybe it isn't a regret after all.

  4. I would have made a good vet I think but I allowed myself to be convinced that i wasn't smart enough. But, like Annette, my career is very fulfilling and I love my career.


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